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JOS is an expert in open source software in your Linux environment. And JOS is also a software architect who can help you with complex issues, solving your software problems and the development of prototypes.

custom open source
design, architecture and programming of a new product or prototype in an open source environment, on an open source basis or as an open source project
open source consultancy
adaptations, extensions, bug fixes in existing open source software, or software in an open source environment
agile team training and coaching
guidance on implementation of agile development methods or in taking the next step on team efficiency, agile retrospectives, individual coaching

JOS has 25+ years of experience in design and implementation of which 16+ years as professional in Linux, C/C++, 10+ years in Python and Scheme (see Language Experience on open source statistics).

JOS stands for “Joy of Source”. The sheer joy of possibilities that arises when you have or can give access to source code is the basis for this name. Joy is not so much a goal as it is an essential means for better results.